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Chargetek offers several standard enclosure configurations to satisfy a majority of industrial and military environmental requirements.  As you hover through the product icons below, a description of the properties of that particular enclosure is provided. Once you have made a selection, click on the appropriate battery chemistry to continue the selection process.


Please note that the lead based selection includes AGM, SLA, flooded, Odyssey and other battery constructions. Mechanical information and CAD files are provided at the bottom of the page. The features for the products are depicted in the icons with a short text description given as you hover over them.  The steps below may be helpful to determine the proper enclosure.


  1. Calculate the charger output power rating required  by calculating the product of the battery voltage and charging current. For instance, a 12 V lead acid based battery must be charged at approximately 14.5V during the absorption stage.  Assuming a charging current of 10 A is desired then the required charger output power is 145 W..

  2. Select an enclosure in the calculated power range.

  3. Choose your battery type and the next page will guide you through the final selection process to determine the exact product.

  4. Please review our selection criteria when considering which enclosure most closely meets your requirements.


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