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Battery Chargers Designed for Demanding Environments and Extreme Applications

Custom-designed battery chargers designed and manufactured in less than 90 days.

AC/DC Battery Chargers

AC/DC Battery Chargers

Chargetek offers 110VAC, 220VAC and universal input battery chargers with .99 power factor.  Our product line includes single, dual and triple isolated bank configurations which are compatible with lead based, flooded, AGM, SLA and Optima batteries. Excellent ...

Lithium Battery Chargers

Lithium Battery Chargers

The CTLC Lithium Battery Charger series is a high power and extremely sophisticated product line.  Touting an SMBus Level II and Level III interface, programmable control and monitoring signals coupled with an environmentally rugged, EMI Class B compliant and ...

DC/DC Battery Chargers

DC/DC Battery Chargers

To meet the demanding requirements of battery charging for alternative and renewable energy, Chargetek Inc. has developed a complete line of DC/DC lead acid based battery chargers, lithium based battery chargers similar to the CTLC series and ...


Why Choose Chargetek?

Chargetek offers a complete line of battery chargers and battery monitoring accessories for Lithium, Lead Acid, Flooded, AGM, SLA, VRLA, Cyclone and Odyssey batteries as well as custom solutions. We offer a cost effective and reliable solution for applications ranging from personal craft to heavy industry.

Chargetek’s core strength is our turn key custom and modified standard product development. Chargetek’s strong R&D department coupled with our ISO certified modern Taiwan facility provides our customers with an unparalleled capability to transform their specifications into production in less than ninety days.  In many cases, Chargetek also obtains the requisite safety and EMI certifications.

We have recently developed a new line of battery chargers, the CKV series, to meet the demands of the renewable energy, vehicle and transportation industries. CKV chargers and power supplies can operate from a DC buss generated from vehicles, solar panels, power rectifiers, power generators, gensets and many others.

Our new higher power battery charger product line will be available in Q2 and is equipped with optional Ethernet and Pmod interfaces.

Call Chargetek today and allow our engineers to provide solutions for all your battery charging requirements!

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    Typical Applications

    • Battery storage for industrial vehicles
    • Maintenance chargers for classic vehicles
    • Maintenance chargers for personal craft
    • Battery chargers for material handling
    • Battery chargers for security gates
    • Remote site battery maintenance
    • Standby chargers for gen sets
    • Portable equipment battery chargers
    • Standby & high power chargers for battery back-up
    • Bass boat battery chargers
    • Transfer switch battery chargers
    • Battery storage charging

    Typical Markets

    • Industrial
    • Marine
    • Military
    • Law enforcement
    • 911 services
    • Residential
    • Medical
    • Alternative energy
    • Vehicle power
    • Recreational
    • Back-up power
    • UPS systems